Top riding destinations in the US

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Top riding destinations in the US

Sarah from Balitomre Maryland asks " My husband and I love to ride, what are some great places to ride in the US?"

It's summer, and one of the best things to do when the weather heats up is to take your motorcycle out for a trip around the country. With thousands of miles out there to drive, though, it can get a bit complicated to choose the best route and destination. I've put together some of the best destinations to travel to, complete with amazing views, scenic curves, and excellent pit stops.

1. San Juan Mountain Skyway
This Colorado trip is only 225 miles long, making it an easy day trip or extended stay for roadside stops. It hits national parks, mining towns, and ski resorts, all located within the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Multiple times on this trip, you'll be riding at over 10,000 feet. This section of the Rockies is home to quite a few of the 14ers, so elevations are drastic and you'll be driving a lot of hairpin turns and steep inclines. It's as close to Swiss biking as you can get here in the states, and worth the drive if you're out of state. Stops on the route include towns where western movies were filmed, available train rides through the mountains, and incredible hiking for getting out to stretch your legs.

2. Beartooth Pass
Winding between Wyoming and Montana, this route makes up for the lack of roadside amenities with it's breathtaking views and varied scenery. You'll see anything from dry desert landscape to lush mountains and snowy peaks. Plenty of viewpoint turnouts allow you to enjoy the views and take a break. Only 50 miles long, it's an easy trip for getting out to enjoy the area. There are also plenty of options for turning off and enjoying the area as well, hitting cities like Cody and enjoying the western atmosphere or stopping into Yellowstone National Park. There are stops with restrooms along this route.

3. Highway 1 - The Pacific Coast
This well-known route is a traditional favorite, offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and great roadside amenities. It's a frequent road trip route, so you won't be cruising alone, but the views make it worth it. Choose to move either north to south or south to north and enjoy the transition of climate and scenery on the way. The best part of this route is two-fold; it's easy to follow and you can do it in chunks. No turning off means no worrying about missing a turn and getting lost. The route goes through California, Oregon, and Washington, and along it in each state you'll be able to easily find state parks, camping, great restaurants, botanical gardens, and hotels. It's the perfect route for planning a long trip on, but just as easy to do something short as well.

4. The 9W - Englewood Cliffs
New York has beautiful curves and astounding fall foliage that makes it a great place to bike. This route heads from Albany and follows the Hudson River Valley for 127 miles. Along the way, you can easily veer off on side routes that take you up Bear Mountain or over to quieter and less populated valleys. A must hit is Orange County Choppers in Newburgh, where you can connect with other biking fans and look at custom choppers. Some viewpoints along side routes even offer a view of New York City on a clear day.

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