What You Need to Know When Riding Motorcycles in Groups

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What You Need to Know When Riding Motorcycles in Groups

Andrew form Dallas wants to know about riding in a group?

I must admit that riding a motorcycle in a group gives me a great feeling of companionship and safety, especially when I am with my custom OCC chopper. However, group riding is much different than riding individually. For example, controlling speed and focusing while riding might be a problem. That is why I came up with this article to explain how one can make group riding safe and enjoyable.

Make Small Groups
Try to come up with a small group of like-minded riders with same riding skills and similar bike capabilities. Never mix sports bikes with adventure bikes or café racers with cruisers. In most cases, I don’t recommend going beyond six riders. This way, the fast ones and the slow ones can ride in their unique way without frustrating others.

Avoid Riding Side by Side
Though allowed in most occasions, riding side by side can be dangerous. For example, a rider who decides to perform an evasive action can fatally take out another rider. Therefore, it is important for riders to keep a safe distance in all sides. Also, riders should be in alternate wheel track pattern to prevent the ride from stringing out. This will give the riders more space to break in case of emergency.

Stage an Experienced Rider In Front
The rider in front should always be an experienced one. He or she must have ample knowledge of the route and various gas points. An experienced rider should ride with a speed that is comfortable for everyone and keep track of other riders to ensure no one is left behind.

Avoid Accelerating on Straights
Riders who get behind on corners can be attempted to accelerate on straights to keep up with the flock. This is completely wrong because it makes it more difficult to effectively negotiate corners this way. However, the last rider is exempted from this rule. The last rider should be experienced just like the front rider to ensure the group is kept in check.

Don’t Ignore the Traffic
In case the group has to stop in the middle of the ride, it should be done in a manner that minimizes any potential risks on the road. Don’t stop in the middle of the road or block the traffic in any way. When stopping for gas or stopping at the OCC Café, do it in a way that doesn’t block other parked cars.

In short, group riding can become more safe and enjoyable if one observes the rules stipulated above.

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