Bike For Braxton

If you are a parent, brother, sister ,aunt, uncle, cousin or friend. We need your help. Braxton an amazing 9 year old boy, an incredible athlete, had a day like any other day, until it changed overnight. 

 A seizure occurred and his family was worried. They rushed him to the hospital.

 In less than24 hours all of their lives were turned upside down. Braxton, their amazing son had a stage 4 brain tumor. 

 You see the commercials, you think that it is terrible this happens to these families. 

The reality sets in that it is happening to your family. Braxton is fighting for his life.  His family and friends are fighting with him. 

The medical bills pile up, every day. From the minute your child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, nothing will ever be the same. Braxton has a chance this summer to be part of a life saving treatment.

The treatment is expensive and not covered by insurance. 

What would you do? What can any family do? We need to ask for help. It will take a village to make this happen. Each and everyone of you can be a part of Braxton’s village. 

Kim and Bill Grill along with their sons fraternity PHI SIGMA KAPPA have taken the first big step. They have donated a one of a kind Orange County Chopper original motorcycle. One lucky donor will walk away with this amazing piece of history. 


On October 31st the winner will be selected. This person will also have the opportunity to come have dinner with Paul Sr at the new corporate headquarters in Clearwater Fl.   Paul would love to personally share the history of this bike. It has all of the signatures of the Orange County original crew and was featured on American Chopper. 

Please stop for a moment and imagine if this was your family. 

Be a part of Braxton’s family and make a donation to help save his life.  

Checkout this video about Braxton from ESPN College Football